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“I used to be the shy silent type. People who know me now do not believe me when I say that Drama Works Academy has done wonders for my confidence! I started with the regular drama classes, auditioned onto Performance Team, stage managed some of Drama Works Academy’s end of year shows, and eventually wrote my own play for the Program Director who used it for for the 2018 Eisteddfod team. None of this would ever have been possible without the influence of class Teachers from Drama Works. Five years later this is still my favourite part of the week! I highly recommend that anyone and everyone take drama classes especially with Drama Works Academy. My experience has been incredible. “.

~ Ben, Student

“I started studying at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) doing their Diploma of Stage and Screen.  I had the pleasure for many years of growing as a performer and an individual with the help of Drama Works. Drama Works sculpted a new world for me, taking my passion, what I loved and helped make it possible to do throughout every aspect of my life.  With their unique vision, they gave me opportunities to perform and create.  I have been able to collaborate ideas for One Act Play Festivals, as well as compete in the circuit which allowed me to meet many influencers of theatre and other like-minded people.  I was lucky enough to student-teach, lead workshops and even teach on my own regularly. Drama Works took me to New Zealand with them to tour schools giving children the gift of drama.  I participated in teaching drama to those with disabilities, watching others grow socially and in performance is one of the most rewarding feelings you can get. Drama Works is a platform of opportunities for personal, social and performance growth. Shaping individuals through the art of drama. I have a lot of amazing memories because of Drama Works. I’ve always looked up to my teacher, Louisa, as a huge mentor and role model and I cannot thank her enough for the amazing opportunities she has bestowed on me over the years. She has given me a lot of pushes in the right direction and I simply wouldn’t be who I am today or have learnt what I have without being a part this family of passionate people. Thank you so much Drama Works”.

~ Courtney, Past Student

25.05.18 Courtney Neville graduation photo
‘My daughter started drama works about 2 1/2 years ago. She was very shy and was struggling to find her voice at school; her moods were swinging all over the place because she had such trouble expressing herself. Within about 6 months she was really starting to grow as a person and now she loves drama so much she talks about becoming an actress! Her friends at school think she is hilariously funny, and the confidence she has gained through the person centred tuition she receives at Drama Works has allowed her to become the expressive young girl she is today. I recommend Drama Works to everyone who considers giving it a go!’

~ Laura

drama classes
“We will always be grateful for the way you have not just included our son, but welcomed him and encouraged him. This has meant so much to us. Your obvious positive regard and interest in our son has boosted his confidence no end, and helped the other children interact and be his friends. Thank you for being you – I wish more people had your ‘can-do’ accepting outlook. The difference you’ve made in our son’s life can’t be adequately put into words. Thanks again for your belief in our son and the wonderful way you have supported him”.

~ Mother of a student with disabilities

Brisbane Drama Classes
Drama Works Academy of Performing Arts Brisbane North
“I love the creativity of it! It’s really fun, and we get to play with other kids and get to know them. And it’s really fun doing the end of year play”.

~ Tamara, student aged 12

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I’m so happy with the commitment that I’ve made to the performance team! Every week I walk in excited and I walk out thrilled. I honestly enjoy every Monday night! It’s a great company you run. 

~ Performance Team Member