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Brisbane Kids Acting Classes - Southeast Queensland

Our Brisbane Kids Acting Transforms Child Confidence

If you have a child that has a flair for the dramatic, our Brisbane kids acting classes are a perfect way to get them involved in the world of drama and acting.

Many children love impersonating their favourite TV and movie characters; role play and mimicry are an important part of child development, though some kids more fully embrace the love for imitation and dramatisation.

Our kids acting classes are designed to teach children how to be expressive, create characters and use voice. Whether your child mimics actors in movies or stays quiet in the background, they’ll thrive at Drama Works Academy.

We’re a drama school that gives children the tools and skills to act and perform. Which translates into positive life skills.

Drama Works Academy - kids acting in the yard

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Why Your Child Should Take Brisbane Kids Acting Classes

Drama is one of the best ways to channel a creative child into an actor. Thousands of actors both on television or in movies started at their local theatre or drama academy.

These kids acting classes can be an amazing creative outlet for students who love to express themselves. It’s also a great place for shy individuals to be brought out of their shell.

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About Drama Works’ Kids Acting Classes

Every student attending a Drama Works class works with the teacher and others to build up skills.

These skills include, mime, improvisation, vocal techniques, characterisation, movement with the elements of stagecraft and much more. Drama Works programs all focus on the overall tools needed for acting and performing in front of others.

Not only is your child being given the keys to the dramatic, but they are getting the best guides to help them navigate it.

Children attending drama works academy may also learn how to write their own scripts, perform and add necessary elements of stagecraft (lighting, costuming and sound) for performance. What other drama schools include these types of skills?

Drama Works Academy - kids acting in the yard

Drama works Academy delivers classes that help both children and adults to express and perform in front of others. If you have a child that would love to attend one of our kids acting classes, contact Drama Works today and start them on the path to acting.

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