Drama Works Academy of Performing Arts is a North Brisbane based mobile Drama School operated by passionate and professional drama class teachers, and catering to children, teens, and adults of varying ages, stages and ability.

We invite you try our programs and experience the difference of a Drama Works Class.

We include children with learning and physical challenges into many of our programs and have found this to be incredibly successful to both students and families.

The Drama Works teachers are here to ensure your experience with drama is positive and impacting for life.


“I’m so happy with the commitment that I’ve made to the performance team! Every week I walk in excited and I walk out thrilled. I honestly enjoy every Monday night! It’s a great company you run.”

Performance Team Member

Drama Works Academy of Performing Arts Brisbane North

Meet our Founding Director & Drama Works Teachers

After teaching drama for over 16 years Louisa Snelling is more passionate now about teaching, building, and developing individuals through drama, than ever before. She’s an advocate for every child having an opportunity to take a drama class, especially at Drama Works Academy because they work.

Louisa has been involved with drama from the age of nine when her own inspirational drama teacher saw something in this shy, unconfident girl, something she couldn’t see for herself! Through Louisa’s personal experience, development, and growth she went on to teach so that others may experience their own version of development and growth too.

The drama class allowed Louisa to discover her abilities and grew her confidence, not just as a performer but as an individual. She studied with Trinity College of London, has written and directed many theatre productions, produced radio plays and performance material for schools as well as writing ads for radio. She currently writes, directs, performs and teaches, continuing to build the Drama Works programs and team, creating more opportunities for new and current students

Over years of developing what Drama Works Academy do and receiving wonderful feedback from students and parents alike about change and confidence emerging from the lives of their students, Louisa knows it takes a wonderful team of Drama Works teachers that share the enthusiasm and passion for making a difference!

Drama Works Teachers

The Drama Works Teachers 

The Drama Works Team consists of decades of experience and qualifications in speech, acting and teaching, script writing and directing. They have excellent creative and acting skills of their own and possess the ability to engage their students in ways that has them looking forward to each class. Our team is committed to the development of student skills and knowledge from one week to the next, with each member contributing to the uniqueness and efficiency that the Drama Works Academy is!