Creative, engaging and ability inclusive drama classes each week in multiple locations

Our programs are written with every child in mind – all ages, education levels, maturity and gender. Drama is also a powerful mechanism for children with developmental and behavioural disorders. What a great way for your child to learn about themselves and others.


  • A safe place for students to investigate and create, understanding the world around them.
  • A curriculum that motivates students to dream and grow.
  • Capped class numbers encouraging individual growth.


  • Where every child is given the opportunity to take a drama class.
  • Learning to work together and build tolerance and empathy for others.
  • After school, home school, performance teams and more.


  • Engaging children through a variety of games and activities.
  • No two classes are ever the same!


At the end of the day, what we are trying to say is…

Drama Works!